How to: Take a Great Headshot

(tips for the person that HATES their photos being taken)

✅Practice Practice Practice! Yep get out a mirror and start smiling. Really it is that simple. Knowing yourself and who you are, and what you are trying to convey and then practicing WILL empower you. Do you think models just nail every shot every time? Nope. It's normal to practice! So spend a little time looking in the mirror before your session.

✅Be you. Dress like you. Do your hair like you. Don't become someone you're not for this photo. Your clients want to know YOU. So be sure that you show them that!

✅Chat with your photographer before hand. Ask questions. Getting to know who is taking your photo is a great idea! Share who you are, your vibe, and brand story so you get the best results.

So are you ready for your next close up? Let me know which tip resonated with you the most and watch for more tips. <3