So this is me, in my kitchen with my socks on. I'm just like you. I bet we love a lot of the same things. Am I a coffee drinker? Absolutely. Do I love dark chocolate? 100% yes.

Is my popcorn obsession a little out of control? Possibly (LOL)

I have Rae Dunn mugs, I wear jeggings, and I love a good hoodie/ cardigan. Sometimes I feel a little basic - but fall is a favorite; the first snow gets me singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs and Hallmark movies are a must. I wear my heart on my sleeves and often eat my feelings. (And with this kitchen behind me, you KNOW I love to cook!)

So, are we friends now? Yes - Yes - I hope so. Want to know more about what I love, and who I photograph? Check out my Tiktok and Instagram. I am an over-sharer of all the things.

My passion for documenting the little details all started when I launched my first business and took my own product photos. Every detail matters. And capturing your life and its little details; it's everything. This life is something that you won't repeat again. This journey with this baby. Your family - it only happens once.

I want to be there in the first moments of your pregnancy, the newborn stage, babies first year, and every year after that. You won't ever have this moment again. And I want you to remember it - and be IN the photos. ♥


““We love our photographs by Trae! She was fun to work with and treated us like family. I cannot say enough awesome things about her and the photos we have of our baby are still our very favorites. She was quick getting our artwork created and I still love to flip through our album looking at our little angel. We will be back to her for years to come!!””

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